Mind the M.I.A.

Hola! Please excuse the moments of absence!

Life happens fast and it flies by even faster when your having fun..which describes our life. A lot of fun 🙂

So please excuse if from time to time we aren’t posting on here everyday if you want to follow our everyday journeys and moments follow our instagram at @mindhoneyclothing

For now we have been back in the Lab again making colorful gushes of life headed your way just in time for the beginning of this Spring season. We look forward to introducing our new Collection of Collaboration, featuring artists from many different places and outer spaces.


Stay connected: This week our first two artists Matt Mannos and Alex Burke both from Reno, NV.

They are family to us and its amazing to finally be able to have a company where we share

our visions and can collaborate on the beautiful creations of our friends and family that connects us

as a tribe of color and imagination mixed with dreams and nectar.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.49.54 PM

——>  Wookie Spiral by Matt Mannos, Moonshine by Alex Burke